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July 17, 2013

George Zimmerman is now in hiding, the victim of an effective fatwā, and faces the much the same fate as Salman Rushdie. Rushdie's dilemma affected him for a time. He currently lives in the United States. 

The Zimmerman dilemma is different in that it is vicariously applied to all non-blacks: If a non-black defends himself against a black assault, he risks suffering the same fate as Zimmerman. 

In a very real sense we all are in chains, submissive to abject negrophilia that prevails in our nation. Any one of us may find ourselves in a Zimmerman strait -- the choice between getting one's head pounded into concrete or living one's life in hiding. 

The de facto law of the land is, if a black person wishes to pound you to death (literally), you are obliged to allow him to do so. 

This, we discover, is our reparational duty. It is our punishment for black slavery and out punishment for white privilege that withholds prosperity from blacks. 

The fact that for decades thousands of free blacks owned slaves is inconsequential. The fact that we are not withholding prosperity from blacks (think of the millions held by Oprah, Whoopi, and throw a dart at any NBA or NFL register) is also inconsequential. 

Is this justice? Of course not.

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